But What Does Acceptance Really Mean?

My social media accounts have exploded with outrage over HGTV and SunTrust’s parting with the Benham brothers. One post in particular got to me. It said, “To be accepting of all people means even those with conservative views.” By “conservative views,” I’m assuming the poster meant those who are anti-gay marriage, since that’s what the Benham brothers actively stand for.

I have many friends who fall under the conservative spectrum of politics. And the vast majority of them support gay marriage. Because gay marriage isn’t a conservative or liberal issue, nor should it be a Christian issue, although the Christian right sure do love to use their Lord to rally against it.

Marriage equality is a human rights issue. It is about HUMAN BEINGS with a certain sexual orientation being discriminated against and having their rights denied. The same rights that every single straight adult in America has access to.

This isn’t something we should have to accept for the sake of acceptance. This IS something we should be uniting over and fighting against—liberals, conservatives, believers and atheists alike. It’s not known whether SunTrust’s disassociation with Benham brothers was due to their anti-gay rhetoric, but HGTV’s was largely because of the mass outcry of viewers. And I support it.

I won’t accept a person being denied the right to marry the one they love. I won’t accept someone saying “but I love gays” in the same breath as “but marriage is between a man and a woman.” I won’t accept mass outrage because a football player kissed his boyfriend on national TV. I won’t accept hate, and none of us should have to. The Benham brothers are not being discriminated against. They are preaching discrimination, and suffering the consequences for doing so.

For those out there who don’t support gay marriage, I have one question:

How, exactly, does it have a negative impact on your life?


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